Common Problems
Commerical Tenants
• Non-payment and holdover eviction proceedings
• Lease termination or denial of services
• Landlord fails to provide:
     - access to all or part of premises/common areas
     - heat, utilities, and other essential services
     - use of all entrances, exits, elevators
• Water leaks, structural concerns, and other engineering problems
• Right/option to lease, sublease, assign, renew
• Purchase and sale
Residential Tenents
Groups, Individuals, Co-op and Condo owners

• Non-payment and holdover eviction proceedings
• Unhabitable or unlawful conditions
• Leasehold and succession rights
• Primary/non-primary residence
• Sublease/roommate
• Excessive noise/vibration
• Harassment by landlord
• Buyouts of legal rights
• Purchase and sale
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