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Thomas Rowlandson c. 1820
Thomas Rowlandson c.1820


In some ways, times have not changed. Most landlords are represented in court by an attorney, while most tenants are not. Landlord tenant law is complicated, the eviction proceeding moves quickly, and the consequences for the tenant can be disastrous.

The practice and experience of TenantsServices.com and its professionals are focused on the defense and enforcement of tenants' rights. This includes all of the common problems that arise in a commercial or a residential tenancy.

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As a matter of law, a residential tenant in New York State is entitled to habitable living conditions.

A commercial tenant is not entitled to the equivalent.

The standards of habitability for a residential tenant are set forth in a variety of state and local laws, rules, regulations and codes.

In NYC, for example, these standards include specific heat and hot water requirements as well as all of the services that are associated with modern urban living (cold water, bathing, sanitation, access to public utilities, minimum levels of light, air, cleanliness, etc.).

Regardless of the terms of their lease, the residential tenant who is deprived of services has recourse before agencies or the courts.

The commercial tenant, on the other hand, is only entitled to receive those services (e.g. heat, utilities, building access, elevator, etc.) that are specified in the lease agreement. There is no habitability standard for a commercial premise.

Therefore, it is particularly important that the commercial lease set forth each and every service, no matter how basic, that the commercial tenant will or may need.

Similarly, disputes in court about deprivation of services in commercial settings will focus on the actual terms of the lease agreement.
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